Senior Director


“I had the opportunity to work with Sunita during an annual team meeting where we spent a great deal of time focusing on collaboration within our growing team, and in an expanding global network comprised of hundreds of cross-functional internal customers. She did a great job coaching our team and drove us to some nice outcomes that we’ve successfully incorporated into our development plans for this year. She was receptive to feedback during planning, and did a nice job shaping the content and agenda of our meeting to meet the specific needs of my team. After the event she was timely and thoughtful with feedback and reflections. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

“Sunita coached our team during IMD’s High Performance Leadership (HPL) course. Within a very short time, she forged a close bond among the team members, which enabled us to share very personal experiences and exchange none-trivial feedback. Sunita found a great mix of asking challenging questions and stating her perception. Her coaching was one of the key ingredients that made HPL a unique experience for me.”

Section Manager 

Chief of Staff


“Sunita’s coaching helped me significantly develop my leadership skills for myself and my team. I particualrly appreciated her warmth, the fact she listened so closely to my needs, her high level of engagement and accessibility, and her ability to be frank while remaining highly supportive.”

“Sunita really feels her clients and their requirements and challenges. She is very good in putting up a mirror to you and leading you to find your own breakthroughs.
Sunita is not only great in methodology but even better in building a link with her clients. I would recommend Sunita for everyone who wants to become or improve their leadership styles.”

Software Sales Leader

“I had the distinct pleasure of spending a few days with Sunita in a small group setting, her approach to facilitating a group of individuals who couldn’t be further apart was nothing short of exceptional. Sunita has an incredible ability to get closed individuals like myself to not only open up but to do deep self-reflection, she accomplished this through considerate but tough questioning. I highly recommend Sunita for professional development and career coaching”

Vice President